AU Stock
0.15% * trade value
Type charges(AUD) Charged By
Trading Commission 0.15%*trade value, minimum 10 AUD per trade NiuNiu Securities
Platform Fee $0 NiuNiu Securities
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US Stock
0.01 USD per share
Type charges (USD) Charged By
Trading Commission $0.01/share, minimum 1 USD per trade NiuNiu Securities
External agency fee and Trading activity fee $0.00396/Share, at least $0.99 for a single deal External Agency
SEC membership fee (only charged upon issuance of sales voucher) 0.0000221 * total trading amount U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Platform Fee $0 NiuNiu Securities
ADR(American Depositary Receipt) fee $0.01- 0.03/ share Depository Trust Company(DTC)
ACATS (Automated Customer Account Transfer Service) of US stocks
No charge for transfer-in and transfer-out
Real-time Market Quotation Fee
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HK Stock
0.15% * trade value
Type charges(HKD) Charged By
Trading Commission  0.15%*trade value, minimum 18 HKD per trade NiuNiu Securities
 Trading Fee 0.005% * trading value + HKD0.5 Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
Settlement and Delivery Cost 0.002% * trading value(at least HK$2 and at most HK$100) HKEX
Transaction Levy 0.0027%*trading value HKEX
Stamp Duty 0.1%*trading value(amount less than HKD1 will also be counted as HK$1) Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
Platform Fee $0 NiuNiu Securities
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Fees Comparison

AU Stock Trading Commission



$19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $14.95
US Stock Trading Commission



$19.95 $19.95 $59 $14.95
HK Stock Trading Commission

10 HKD


$39.95 $76.5 $59 $14.95
Singapore Stock Trading Commission

9.99 SGD


$39.95 $152 $59 $14.95
Japanese Stock Trading Commission

188 JPY


$39.95 $76.5 $59 $14.95
European Stock Trading Commission

6.99 EUR


$39.95 $152 $59 $14.95

Note: This fee comparison table is a comparison of commissions when the transaction value is 5,000 AUD. Unless otherwise specified in the table, all currency shown are in Australian dollars. The commission price are the latest commission prices announced in December 2020. The fee comparison is for reference only. The actual price may change with market fluctuations.




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